Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Epic Nights and Spikes

So, in the interest of making my life in NYC seem much more interesting than it actually is, here's last Friday night. A fun Xavier de Rosnay (Justice) and Busy P (Ed Banger) DJ set in the grand ballroom at Webster Hall:

Okay, enough creepy pictures of me.

The above is not a photo of me, obv. But in the corner you can see my outfit. . . which is I guess mildly self-indulgent. A dress I got on sale at Urban Outfitters that is Japanese silk screen painting inspired. Xavier was wearing Adidas too.

This is a photo of me talking to my friend Alice in the VIP booth above the stage. We sneaked backstage and it was fun, but actually quite crowded after awhile. I met some cool people and some random chick got naked and started dancing on that pole next to my head. She was from LA? hah. Oh, and I got to meet Xavier! I shook his hand and said I liked the show and then I ran off. Totally not awkward.

He doesn't even light his own cigarettes.

Anyway, these were all taken from party photo websites so thanks guys. Without you I wouldn't be able to see how drunk I looked the next day --although on this occasion I wasn't actually drunk, but merely sweaty and generally dishevelled.


Also, I ordered some spikes and studs from, um, Which is a nice website, I think. The prices are good and I haven't received my package yet but I hope to soon. I will be tricking out these vaguely motorcycle-ish polish thrift store boots, and maybe some sandals too. The possibilities are endless. I'm not a big punk fan but I'm going for more of a DIY 'Rodarte-lite' look.

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