Monday, August 24, 2009

I spent the summer wasting

My summer disappeared into the black hole that is my job. Aka a movie so horrid to work on that everybody competent quit and I moved up the ranks rather quickly. Which is nice, I in a way. At least I'm getting used to the horrible-ness to the point it's quite tolerable. Also it ends next week (or it's supposed to). I'm thankful to have a job as well, even if it is one that required me to work 100(!) hours one week.

My fashion sense has gone on hiatus, for the most part, but I hope to restart it with some cool fall fashion finds, including finally buying those damn thigh-high zipper stockings I've been thinking about since spring. The ones by Leg Avenue sold on Lingerie sites that are actually quite nice without stripper heels attached. I know a place in the East Village that sells them as well. . .

Oh, and my hair is longer and I'm kind of tan now. . . with freckles. That is all.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been not-so-busy with anything really. Messing about and trying to find a job. Spending days wandering about the city or the internet. I went on a 'no-clothes-buying-until-I-get-a-job' thing, and now that I have a job, which I start on Monday (!), I haven't really bought anything but a pair of sunglasses. Oh, and regular glasses, but they have yet to come in the mail. I bought 'vintage' frames off Ebay and I'm going to get lenses fitted in chinatown for crazy cheap.

I haven't had many photos taken of me outside of the party circuit, so here's a couple anyway.

I really love this one, taken by a very talented girl named Caroline. It was at a deadmau5 show a couple of weeks ago. Not the best show I've ever been to, but I had a good time that night.

This photo shows the last purchase before my self-imposed 'no-buying' phase: a (good-quality) faux-leather moto jacket. Oh, and a rare example of me wearing jewelry. I think the Japanese Popstars played that night.

This is from last friday, also at Webster Hall, where Dave1 from Chromeo really tore it up. Totally embarrassing party picture pose, but w/e. Shit happens.

My sweet-ass studded boots also made an appearance that night:

More daily events. On Friday I will be going to a party with a deep fryer where guests are encouraged to bring random foodstuffs to be encased in a layer of molten fat. Or something like that. I think I'll bring something pickled, or a candy bar. After that I'll probably go see another show, and hopefully get home as the sun rises. As it should be.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yegads I've been lazy. Okay, not really, I was busy graduating (SUMMA CUM LAUDE, BITCHES!) from college. So here's some kinda old picspam of what I wore. I have since gotten a haircut and new clothing, but pretty soon I'll have a lot of free time with my impending job search, blah blah blah on to the pictures:

So, there's a venetian blinds shirt, a tank top I dyed myself, some bitchin' over-the-knee boots that were a thrift-store steal, my first foray into the world of leggings (they're so comfy!), my shitty camera and odd room decorations, and some diy bleached jean shorts. Hurrah.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've been taking a break from the world of clothing --well, not wearing it, obv, just obsessing over it-- to indulge in one of my other loves . . . cooking.

Normally I'm an eat-on-the-go sandwich, smoothie, soup, salad, cereal, and rice type girl. Going to college and working a part time job and having a social life doesn't usually mean I feel like spending an hour every evening preparing dinner. But sometimes I do, and it's fun.

For instance, last weekend, one of my best friends was about to leave to go live in the jungle on a fairly tiny tropical island in the Caribbean for three months (yeah I know). So I invited him over for dinner and made Moules Mareiniere (Mussels in White Wine sauce) and we sat around and ate delicious mussels with a crusty baguette and drank the rest of the wine, etc. Mussels are super delicious in my opinion but usually pretty expensive in restaurants. However, if you live near the ocean or near a Whole Foods store they are fairly cheap to make yourself. The Whole Foods in Union Square sells 2lb bags of fresh pre-cleaned mussels for $6 and after that it's just a matter of rounding up the wine (a $3 Sauvignon Blanc from Trader Joes is great) and some basic herbs, etc. A pound of mussels is a large serving for one person, in my opinion.

The same friend also had a going away party with 'flavor-tripping.' That's where you consume 'miracle' berries with a natural protien that makes sour things taste sweet. Basically all of our friends brought neat food options and he provided the miracle berries. I brought a meyer-lemon, apple, and goat cheese tart that I whipped up with no sugar added. The idea was that the natural tart fruit acids in the lemons, apples, and cheese would make it taste sweetened already.

The party was really fun, I suggest trying the berry sometime with friends. Things that were good/tasted cool:
Lemons and Limes!
Strawberries tasted delish, even sweeter
Apple Cider Vinegar tasted like a fun soda
Guiness Beer tasted interesting, especially with Lemon Sorbet in it
Plain Goat Cheese tasted a bit like cheesecake
Greek Yogurt was good
Tomatoes were weird, sweet
Hot sauce went down smoothly

Miracle Tart:
1 meyer lemon, zest and juice
1 egg
5 oz-ish goat cheese
tart shell/puff pastry
1 or 2 apples, sliced thinly
sugar (optional!)

Mix egg, juice and zest of lemon, and goat cheese in bowl until no lumps remain. Pour into pie/tart shell, or on puff pastry, place apples on top in decorative fashion. Bake for 10-30 min at 350, depending on size of tart, obv. with smaller baking times for smaller containers.

If you are going to a non-flavor tripping party and just want a delicious tart, you can add about 3 TB or so sugar (to taste) to the filling, and maybe sprinkle some on top of the apples. If you are using puff pastry, you might want to cook the pastry a bit beforehand so it has a chance to puff up before adding the filling.

I was going to take pictures but the rate the pastry was consumed was quite alarming. Apparently it was good.

I also recently made some almost-flourless dark chocolate mocha cookies, and the slow-roasted pork dish Puerco Pibil --the one with the recipe off the 'Once Upon A Time in Mexico' DVD. It's pretty good, even if it does take forever to cook.


In clothing related news, I went to TOPSHOP(!) the other day. A week after it opened and I still had to wait outside in line for a bit to get in. Crazy. Also DIY-d a tank top.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Shoes, Bones.

Today after class I went to a 'warehouse sale' at some fancy boutique on the Upper West Side. It was all overpriced party dresses and stuff I neither wanted nor needed. I was still in a shopping mood so I decided to go to Century 21. I've only actually been there once before, even though I lived a 5 minute walk away last year. It's just so crowded and filled with tourists and the dressing rooms are tiny, tiny booths. They do, however, have an amazing selection of designer clothing that's quite inexpensive. Last time I went I got the Cheap Mondays that I'm wearing below for $30. Today I bought some cute shoes that were also super cheap. One other thing that is really cool about the store (besides the prices) is that it has such a large variety of designers in a small space. I think it would be kind of fun to go there with friends and just try on some of the ridiculous shit they have up on the top floor. For instance, although I was running late on time I tried on a funny mesh vest with bizarre pockets from Martin Margiela, and eyed some crazy deconstructed sequined stuff from god knows where. . .

Top Half:

Bottom Half:

I am standing on a table. In my living room. It is now my posing table. Nobody else really uses it.

Misc Hoodie
Thrifted striped tank top
purple H&M bustier-cut tube top
Cheap Monday jeans
Faryl Robin Wedges

Tomorrow I'm going to go see Ellen Allien play at Studio B and I don't know quite what to wear yet, but I think I'm going to wear my new shoes.


Now, for a minor departure from talking about clothing, on Tuesday I cooked bone marrow for the first time. It was an experience, to say the least. I bought the bones at whole foods and soaked them overnight in salt water to remove some of the blood. Then I roasted them in the (toaster) oven for 15 minutes at 450 degrees. I think I cooked them too long though, because a lot of the fat liquefied and ran out into the baking pan.

The marrow tasted okay spread on some bread with lemon juice, but it was not the super delicious bone marrow that I've had in fancy french restaurants. I think part of this is because they were beef bones and not veal bones, and I cooked them too long. This definitely calls for a second try though . . . bone marrow is beyond delicious.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Music and stuff

Not feeling terribly inspired lately, for whatever reasons. Maybe the two giant papers looming in my immediate future. . .

However, two cool things:

Daft Punk will be scoring the new Tron film that's coming out . . . whenever. How cool is that?

Also the amazing The Mighty Boosh is coming to American television at the end of this month. It'll be on Adult Swim at 1am. Which would be cool if I had a TV, or got cable, or didn't already have it on DVD. . . But still very very cool. Maybe if they get popular in the US they might do a tour here. Cool.


I haven't really got any pics to post except some from last friday night. I wore some questionable layers and went to a DJ show at Webster Hall.

Here is an embarrassing picture of me with headliner, Calvin Harris:

Aah. . . I dunno why I wanted to get a picture with him. Oh well though.
Now to my strange top, which was a sort of strange DIY Ksubi 'hole t' knockoff I made last summer over a black lace blouse.

Also I always see Celia from the current season of America's Next Top Model at these shows. I was watching this season (for creepy-chan, aka Allison and her weirdness) and I sort of recognized her but I didn't put two and two together until last Friday. She was at the last show I went to there as well (Xavier from Justice). She dresses pretty cute most of the time. Here's her last Friday chilling out on a speaker during the show:

I kinda want to say Hi sometime but I don't want to ruin her night. . . on the other hand, she is a reality tv show contestant. . . so there is a distinct possiblity she likes attention.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Laundry Time

Lately it has been getting closer and closer to 'laundry time.' That time when life is so busy (supposedly) that doing laundry gets put off until it is an absolute necessity. This produces outfit combinations like this:

Weird fur hat - thrifted
Top: Forever 21, I've had it for years
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Adidas Country Sleek - Secondhand

Or this:

Sparkly brown top: H&M
Cut-off Levi's
Diamond tights: Boots drugstore in the UK, I think. A gift.
Polish boots

Or this:

Hello blood red walls in my room (and high ceilings, yay!):

Although admittedly the above look was worn to go to a show (Hearts Revolution) and I would probably wear something similar to a club even when not in dire need of a trip to the laundromat.

Tank: H&M
Shorts: Cheap Monday 'bondage pants' - on sale for $20 and I chopped off the legs
Stockings: Misc. Probably from Target or something
Shoes: DIY studded Polish boots