Monday, August 24, 2009

I spent the summer wasting

My summer disappeared into the black hole that is my job. Aka a movie so horrid to work on that everybody competent quit and I moved up the ranks rather quickly. Which is nice, I in a way. At least I'm getting used to the horrible-ness to the point it's quite tolerable. Also it ends next week (or it's supposed to). I'm thankful to have a job as well, even if it is one that required me to work 100(!) hours one week.

My fashion sense has gone on hiatus, for the most part, but I hope to restart it with some cool fall fashion finds, including finally buying those damn thigh-high zipper stockings I've been thinking about since spring. The ones by Leg Avenue sold on Lingerie sites that are actually quite nice without stripper heels attached. I know a place in the East Village that sells them as well. . .

Oh, and my hair is longer and I'm kind of tan now. . . with freckles. That is all.

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Isabel said...

Duuude, I totally saw that crazy disturbing fact about the body in the trunk for 10 years on the Paris is Burning Wikipedia. Isn't that nuts?

And truthfully, my summer pretty much disappeared because of my job too. Worsking full time is good on the wallet, but still kind of sucks.