Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been not-so-busy with anything really. Messing about and trying to find a job. Spending days wandering about the city or the internet. I went on a 'no-clothes-buying-until-I-get-a-job' thing, and now that I have a job, which I start on Monday (!), I haven't really bought anything but a pair of sunglasses. Oh, and regular glasses, but they have yet to come in the mail. I bought 'vintage' frames off Ebay and I'm going to get lenses fitted in chinatown for crazy cheap.

I haven't had many photos taken of me outside of the party circuit, so here's a couple anyway.

I really love this one, taken by a very talented girl named Caroline. It was at a deadmau5 show a couple of weeks ago. Not the best show I've ever been to, but I had a good time that night.

This photo shows the last purchase before my self-imposed 'no-buying' phase: a (good-quality) faux-leather moto jacket. Oh, and a rare example of me wearing jewelry. I think the Japanese Popstars played that night.

This is from last friday, also at Webster Hall, where Dave1 from Chromeo really tore it up. Totally embarrassing party picture pose, but w/e. Shit happens.

My sweet-ass studded boots also made an appearance that night:

More daily events. On Friday I will be going to a party with a deep fryer where guests are encouraged to bring random foodstuffs to be encased in a layer of molten fat. Or something like that. I think I'll bring something pickled, or a candy bar. After that I'll probably go see another show, and hopefully get home as the sun rises. As it should be.

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You are so cute!