Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've been taking a break from the world of clothing --well, not wearing it, obv, just obsessing over it-- to indulge in one of my other loves . . . cooking.

Normally I'm an eat-on-the-go sandwich, smoothie, soup, salad, cereal, and rice type girl. Going to college and working a part time job and having a social life doesn't usually mean I feel like spending an hour every evening preparing dinner. But sometimes I do, and it's fun.

For instance, last weekend, one of my best friends was about to leave to go live in the jungle on a fairly tiny tropical island in the Caribbean for three months (yeah I know). So I invited him over for dinner and made Moules Mareiniere (Mussels in White Wine sauce) and we sat around and ate delicious mussels with a crusty baguette and drank the rest of the wine, etc. Mussels are super delicious in my opinion but usually pretty expensive in restaurants. However, if you live near the ocean or near a Whole Foods store they are fairly cheap to make yourself. The Whole Foods in Union Square sells 2lb bags of fresh pre-cleaned mussels for $6 and after that it's just a matter of rounding up the wine (a $3 Sauvignon Blanc from Trader Joes is great) and some basic herbs, etc. A pound of mussels is a large serving for one person, in my opinion.

The same friend also had a going away party with 'flavor-tripping.' That's where you consume 'miracle' berries with a natural protien that makes sour things taste sweet. Basically all of our friends brought neat food options and he provided the miracle berries. I brought a meyer-lemon, apple, and goat cheese tart that I whipped up with no sugar added. The idea was that the natural tart fruit acids in the lemons, apples, and cheese would make it taste sweetened already.

The party was really fun, I suggest trying the berry sometime with friends. Things that were good/tasted cool:
Lemons and Limes!
Strawberries tasted delish, even sweeter
Apple Cider Vinegar tasted like a fun soda
Guiness Beer tasted interesting, especially with Lemon Sorbet in it
Plain Goat Cheese tasted a bit like cheesecake
Greek Yogurt was good
Tomatoes were weird, sweet
Hot sauce went down smoothly

Miracle Tart:
1 meyer lemon, zest and juice
1 egg
5 oz-ish goat cheese
tart shell/puff pastry
1 or 2 apples, sliced thinly
sugar (optional!)

Mix egg, juice and zest of lemon, and goat cheese in bowl until no lumps remain. Pour into pie/tart shell, or on puff pastry, place apples on top in decorative fashion. Bake for 10-30 min at 350, depending on size of tart, obv. with smaller baking times for smaller containers.

If you are going to a non-flavor tripping party and just want a delicious tart, you can add about 3 TB or so sugar (to taste) to the filling, and maybe sprinkle some on top of the apples. If you are using puff pastry, you might want to cook the pastry a bit beforehand so it has a chance to puff up before adding the filling.

I was going to take pictures but the rate the pastry was consumed was quite alarming. Apparently it was good.

I also recently made some almost-flourless dark chocolate mocha cookies, and the slow-roasted pork dish Puerco Pibil --the one with the recipe off the 'Once Upon A Time in Mexico' DVD. It's pretty good, even if it does take forever to cook.


In clothing related news, I went to TOPSHOP(!) the other day. A week after it opened and I still had to wait outside in line for a bit to get in. Crazy. Also DIY-d a tank top.


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so yumm!!!

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the topshop in london will still be the best, you must visit