Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Shoes, Bones.

Today after class I went to a 'warehouse sale' at some fancy boutique on the Upper West Side. It was all overpriced party dresses and stuff I neither wanted nor needed. I was still in a shopping mood so I decided to go to Century 21. I've only actually been there once before, even though I lived a 5 minute walk away last year. It's just so crowded and filled with tourists and the dressing rooms are tiny, tiny booths. They do, however, have an amazing selection of designer clothing that's quite inexpensive. Last time I went I got the Cheap Mondays that I'm wearing below for $30. Today I bought some cute shoes that were also super cheap. One other thing that is really cool about the store (besides the prices) is that it has such a large variety of designers in a small space. I think it would be kind of fun to go there with friends and just try on some of the ridiculous shit they have up on the top floor. For instance, although I was running late on time I tried on a funny mesh vest with bizarre pockets from Martin Margiela, and eyed some crazy deconstructed sequined stuff from god knows where. . .

Top Half:

Bottom Half:

I am standing on a table. In my living room. It is now my posing table. Nobody else really uses it.

Misc Hoodie
Thrifted striped tank top
purple H&M bustier-cut tube top
Cheap Monday jeans
Faryl Robin Wedges

Tomorrow I'm going to go see Ellen Allien play at Studio B and I don't know quite what to wear yet, but I think I'm going to wear my new shoes.


Now, for a minor departure from talking about clothing, on Tuesday I cooked bone marrow for the first time. It was an experience, to say the least. I bought the bones at whole foods and soaked them overnight in salt water to remove some of the blood. Then I roasted them in the (toaster) oven for 15 minutes at 450 degrees. I think I cooked them too long though, because a lot of the fat liquefied and ran out into the baking pan.

The marrow tasted okay spread on some bread with lemon juice, but it was not the super delicious bone marrow that I've had in fancy french restaurants. I think part of this is because they were beef bones and not veal bones, and I cooked them too long. This definitely calls for a second try though . . . bone marrow is beyond delicious.


Stacy said...

Cute tank top.

Isabel said...

I actually looooved the Holy Mountain. Weirdest film I've ever seen by far, but definitely one of the most visually striking as well.

I love your shoes!