Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yegads I've been lazy. Okay, not really, I was busy graduating (SUMMA CUM LAUDE, BITCHES!) from college. So here's some kinda old picspam of what I wore. I have since gotten a haircut and new clothing, but pretty soon I'll have a lot of free time with my impending job search, blah blah blah on to the pictures:

So, there's a venetian blinds shirt, a tank top I dyed myself, some bitchin' over-the-knee boots that were a thrift-store steal, my first foray into the world of leggings (they're so comfy!), my shitty camera and odd room decorations, and some diy bleached jean shorts. Hurrah.

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Isabel said...

Dood - congrats on graduating! I never wanna leave school.