Friday, March 20, 2009

Music and stuff

Not feeling terribly inspired lately, for whatever reasons. Maybe the two giant papers looming in my immediate future. . .

However, two cool things:

Daft Punk will be scoring the new Tron film that's coming out . . . whenever. How cool is that?

Also the amazing The Mighty Boosh is coming to American television at the end of this month. It'll be on Adult Swim at 1am. Which would be cool if I had a TV, or got cable, or didn't already have it on DVD. . . But still very very cool. Maybe if they get popular in the US they might do a tour here. Cool.


I haven't really got any pics to post except some from last friday night. I wore some questionable layers and went to a DJ show at Webster Hall.

Here is an embarrassing picture of me with headliner, Calvin Harris:

Aah. . . I dunno why I wanted to get a picture with him. Oh well though.
Now to my strange top, which was a sort of strange DIY Ksubi 'hole t' knockoff I made last summer over a black lace blouse.

Also I always see Celia from the current season of America's Next Top Model at these shows. I was watching this season (for creepy-chan, aka Allison and her weirdness) and I sort of recognized her but I didn't put two and two together until last Friday. She was at the last show I went to there as well (Xavier from Justice). She dresses pretty cute most of the time. Here's her last Friday chilling out on a speaker during the show:

I kinda want to say Hi sometime but I don't want to ruin her night. . . on the other hand, she is a reality tv show contestant. . . so there is a distinct possiblity she likes attention.

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Isabel said...

Yess, I love the mighty boosh! And Allison Harvard too. I think she's beautiful.