Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Serious Business

So, boots have been studded. And worn. They're spiky and punk but not necessarily in a girly way. I'm hoping they're more oldschool punk than Hot Topic but we'll see.

To avoid scrolling down, here are the boots again, pre-damage:



On the inside they say 'Made in Poland' not 'Wyrabiany w Polsce' so I am guessing they were made for American consumption. Still awesome though.

They have little salt-lines on them since it was snowing when I wore them around the city. I know it's bad for leather (faux-leather?) but. . . I'm lazy.

What I wore today:

Excuse the 'tude hoodie. I bought it because at the time I desperately needed a hoodie and it was comfortable. I don't think that the picture on the front is anybody in particular, and yeah, I'm aware that I'm 22 and wearing a hoodie for high-schoolers with asymmetric hair (to each their own).

Underneath was this charmingly bland ash/charcoal/pewter/motherf'ing gray v-neck American Apparel T. And some thrifted Calving Klein jeans. I've had these jeans forever and boy does it show:

Oops. I always forget about that and then wonder why people on the subway are staring.

Since I am new to this whole outfit picture taking thing I thought I'd try out the jump jump jumping pose! Fun.


Oh, and did I mention I have tons of studs and spikes leftover? What will go under the knife next. . .


Isabel said...

Those are totally sick! They turned out so well, love it! And you know what? I really don't mind that 'tude hoodie. You look pretty darn good in it.

AKIRA said...

the boots is cool!!!!!!